4 Ways To Stay On Track Every Weekend

4 Ways To Stay On Track Every Weekend

So many of us eat really well during the week - but then get off track on the weekends & have to start all over again on Monday.
Here’s how to STOP this cycle in its tracks!


1. Make a Plan Ahead of Time

Planning ahead is really key. Here are some top things to do.

Plan For Your Starch

If you’re following one of our meal plans limiting your daily starches is a rule of thumb, save your starch for when you have the least amount of control. So if you and your friends are going to a pizza restaurant, make that juicy big slice your starch for the day, and stick to non-starchy veggies, protein, and fats the rest of the day.

Bring Snacks

Pack something non-perishable in your purse for when you’re out & about - a single-serving pack of nuts, a packet of nut butter, a pack of baked cheese bites, that type of thing!

Plan for Alcohol (for those 21 years+)

I also recommend having a plan of action ahead of time for alcohol.

Look at your week ahead of time & see which events you’re going to be drinking at. Make a plan for the # of drinks to have at each occasion, so they add up to or less than your max for the week.

Check out my other blog post on which types of alcohol to choose.

Look at Menus Ahead of Time

This is super important! If you’re going out to eat, look at menus ahead of time to see what you want to order & what will fit into your day.

A good thing to do if you’re tracking what you think you’re going to eat in the morning for the whole day so that you don’t get surprised by the end of the day!

Have an Accountability Buddy

Talk with one of your friends ahead of time about your health goals & hold each other accountable.

2. Any One Day or Meal Doesn’t Make a Difference in the Long Term

BUT if we keep telling ourselves this over & over again, it DOES matter. It’s ok to get off track now & again, but don’t make it a regular occurrence.
I love this graphic by Carter Good which I think illustrates this point really well.


3. If You Did Get Off Track

Make a small list of things to do to get back on track - something that’s really easy & takes a short period of time to do, like:
  • Planning the next meal
  • Planning your next grocery list
  • Plan the next time you’re going to go to the grocery store or meal prep
  • Brush your teeth
  • Wash your face

This way, you’ll quickly & easily feel back in control!


4. Late Night Munchies?

If you can go to bed, go to bed! That is my #1 piece of advice.

But I know that is not always doable! If you really need to munch - try seaweed snacks or carrot chips 

OR split something small with a friend or get a kid’s size item - a small order of fries, a kid’s size ice cream, that type of thing!

If you’re tracking what you’re eating, I do recommend continuing to track, even if you’re going over your calorie limit. This often helps us keep things in perspective, and not throw in the towel & eat the whole pizza pie :)

Also, be sure to check out our latest Meal Plan and what it includes!  

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