About | Enix Promise



Enix is a way of life, or as we like to say it’s a lifestyle. We are driven to provide you resources that are authentic and trusted for the realities of your everyday life. We hold a commitment to producing science backed solutions for the worldwide problems of obesity and lax nutrition. 

We strive to create a community of like minded individuals, forming healthy habits, who inspire and empower each other. 

Honestly, we just want you to Be Your You! Because, everyone should feel the confidence and glow of happiness that truly comes from the inside first. 

So eat with us, share with us, and grow with us. And however we can help you on your journey, well that’s our goal! 

And you can count on us for:

  • Community: You’ll be part of a safe community where you can find others, read their stories, and share yours
  • Experts: We partner with the best in their fields to curate guidelines for living your best you!
  • Science: We provide science-backed and nutritionist created satisfying meal plans
  • Vetting: We promise to tirelessly vet all products and materials that we recommend 
  • Listening : as silly as it sounds we want to hear from you and grow as a community together
  • Being Here Always : We want the groups and communication with our team to be a trusted source for your daily questions or even just a place to sound off

Hey, we get it. The journey to be your you is tough enough, so why go it alone? The more we engage as a group, the more we grow together. 

P.S. don’t know where to start? @enixlifestyle on instagram is a good place to meet up and connect with Jess, Rachel and all Enix Lifestylists!