Enix Lifestyle FAQ's

What can I expect from a Enix Lifestyle Meal Plan?

First, you’ll see the disclaimer making sure you’ve looped in your doctor on all this. Then you’ll check out the timeline, phases, and the 9 Rules of Meal Plan Success. From there you’ll see the daily, in-depth breakdown of calories and carbs. Finally, you’ll head straight into the in-depth breakdown of the 7 Days of Meals, including a grocery list.

The Enix Lifestyle Meal Plan consists of 4 Phases totaling 63 days and we’ve got you covered with a 7-day meal plan matrix to jump start. 

What does a Enix Lifestyle Meal Plan Consist of?

All Enix Lifestyle Meal Plans are a 75+ page nutritionist backed digital download program. You will receive your meal plan program ebook and a printable guide with every purchase to download.

Each purchase gives you access to our private accountability community moderated by Dr. Rachel Paul & Jess Loren (one of our founders) and our Social Media Influencer Partners. This is a safe place for members to ask questions,  share motivation, provide tips, successes, recipes, and more... 

Each purchase also includes the following:

  • Meal Plan Timeline
  • 9 Rules Of Meal Plan Success
  • Full Day Meal Plan Template
  • 7-day Meal Plan Matrix
  • 7-day Meal Plan Grocery List
  • 7-day Meal Plan Breakdown
  • Over 20 Meal Recipes
  • Over 20 Snack Ideas
  • Snack Quick Prep Directions
  • Over 166 Food Substitutions
  • 30 Healthy Living Tips
  • **Bonus - Printable Section**

What is the difference between each meal plan offered on the Enix Lifestyle website?

Each plan is based on the same principles of low carb eating and calorie counting. 

We have our Classic Plan as well as our Gluten Free Meal Plan that were developed exclusively with our founders featuring Dr. Rachel Paul’s guidance.

In addition, we have our Influencer Partner Meal Plans whom we call Enix Lifestylists. EACH OF THESE PLANS HAVE DIFFERENT MEALS based on that influencers weight loss success. Each plan also features different tips, recipes, and a DIFFERENT 7 day meal plan created with Dr. Rachel Paul. 

If you are looking for variety in your meals purchasing other meal plans is suggested.  

How are people losing so much weight using Enix Lifestyle meal plans?

Each of our plans are created by Dr. Rachel Paul who has studied nutrition related to weight loss for many years. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Masters of Science in Public Health Nutrition, and Dietetic Internship (to become a Registered Dietitian) at Case Western Reserve University. She then received her PhD in Behavioral Nutrition (that is, how to develop nutrition education programs) at Columbia University.

Based on Dr. Paul’s guidance we have been able to create plans that are possible for most to achieve weight loss.

How do Enix Lifestyle Meal Plans compare to the Keto Diet?

Our plans are overall lower in carbohydrates (carbs) than the typical American diet, but are not as restrictive as the popular Ketogenic diet (“Keto”). If a diet is too restrictive, it can often end up backfiring, which is something we don’t want! Our plan here, while still low- er in carbs, is much more doable for the real world!

Our plans focus on filling proteins & fats and lots of non-starchy vegetables for volume, and the majority of the meals and snacks take less than 10 minutes to prepare. It will give you the confidence to make these changes as part of your new Enix Lifestyle. 

Does Enix Lifestyle offer vegan or vegetarian meal plans?

Each of our plans comes with an extensive foods list as well as a template so any plan can be converted for vegan or vegetarian.

Do I have to exercise while on the Enix Lifestyle plan?

We always recommend exercise while on any of our plans, we even include apps that we like to use within the plan. We however do not include a required exercise program.

Once purchased how do I get my meal plan? 

You will receive an email from SENDOWL with download instructions for your ebooks. If you do not see an email from SENDOWL please check your spam folders.  You only have 3 download attempts for each order to avoid issues with fraud. Please make sure to download and save your ebook to your phone's library or other devices. 

If after checking your spam folder you still can not find your download link please contact customer service with your order number, you may have entered your email address incorrectly during the order process. 

If you have an apple device people follow these instructions: 


If you have an android device:


Why is each plan based on 63 days?

People used to say that it took 21 days to form a habit, but new research shows it takes much longer than that. This is why the Enix Lifestyle Weight Loss Meal Plan Cycle is multiple phases and 63 days. 

I live outside the United States, will Enix Lifestyle meal plans still work for me? 

Yes, we have people from all over the world who follow our plans. We have an extensive foods list as well as a template for you to use with each plan so finding alternatives for any  meal is always possible. 

Does Enix Lifestyle offer refunds?

Unfortunately, our meal plans are a digital product and once downloaded we can not offer a refund.